Android TV (Shield) v6.3.2.1332 breaks 4K playback completely



It seems that the latest version of the Plex App available for Android TVs (particularly the Shield TV 2017 -- which is the box I have) breaks 4K playback (and removes various useful options like being able to force direct play).

If you uninstall all updates and use the built in version available on the Shield TV then everything works fine again. I was trying to play 4K file and they would say things like:

"Transcode Reason: Bitrate or resolution exceeds the maximum allowed", even if you have the settings set to Maximum (for both local and remote).

Anyone else have this experience?


6.3.4 is the most current version of Plex for Android TV. Have you tried that one? Also, have you searched the forums for 4k playback issues? I only ask because I know I've read threads about this issue.


Its a known issue. Stay downgraded until the fix is pushed out of beta.


Had the same issue last night. 4K HECV in mkv container with TrueHD Atmos 7.1 would get transcoded on latest version of the app. On it works fine.


This is addressed in the latest two betas. It should be addressed in the next public update.