Any channel to view Amazon photos library?


As a Prime customer, I've started to take advantage of the unlimited photo storage with Amazon. But I'm frustrated as, other than screen-casting, I can't seem to find a way to view these photos on TV. Is there no Plex channel, either official or unofficial, that can perform this function. My house is basically Rokus on every TV, so an alternative would be a Roku app for this, but there doesn't appear to be one. I do see something in the Roku channel store called "Picta," which costs a little bit. I wouldn't mind paying if I knew it would work, but still -- can't believe no one's created an a channel for viewing photos store on Amazon.


I would also love this, or better yet to have a photo section in Plex that pulls from Amazon as the source…’


+1 I’d love that too


Great idea, would also appreciate the ability to view google photos. Amazon photos I would want more though.


Anyone know of a workaround, would still love this!


I would also love some type of connectivity to Amazon Photo storage!


that would be great!


+1 on this. I’d be able to use Plex for almost everything except gaming if I could have my photos playing through a slideshow.


+1, all my photos are there