Any method for removing jagged edges on skin designed for 1080p?



Couldn't find anything with search. I was mocking up something in Plex a while back and just found it on an old memory stick. It doesn't look great in 1080 but doesn't look too bad. When it's run in 720 though it looks absolutely terrible. Is there a method for removing jagged edges when rotating elements of the skin. I quite like the design and layout but it looks awful like this. I've attached a 1080 and 720 comparison.

Thanks in advance,



I was messing around with Alaska, trying to change the poster view to look a little more like the Night skin that someone posted. I noticed at one point I replaced an image used to handle the masking for the movie posters from one with soft edges to one with hard edges. Since doing that I'm getting a lot more jaggies on the angled posters. I'm not sure how you would fix it in this case, unless you went with an extremely large png with feathered edges that the skin could scale down. Even then you may still end up with the same problem, and I'm not sure you could get such a clean edge on the straight on shot. I guess another option would be if your non-focused items used the fuzzy border, and the focus one use the image you're using there. I'm still pretty new at all this.

I like the screenshot up there though, looks classy. I especially like having the genre in a different color rather than just a darker shade.