Any plans to enable Plex Skill for Alexa outside the US and UK?



Currently the Plex Skill for Alexa is only enabled on the US and UK Amazon Skill Stores. Any reason why this is so? Would it be very difficult to enable for India, for example?


i just made a pc dedicated to run PLEX 24X7, its hard for me to use RPD/multiplicity to control it. hope plex for alexa comes soon


I would also like to use this skill; but am in the German skill market


German skill is being worked on as we speak. Translations are being added. In the UK you may be able to switch Alexa to the US in the voice settings which may work for you.


Alexa is natively available and sold in New Zealand and Australia now. Is this skill going to be updated to these countries?? Seems bizarre that they aren't already!


We've been running a build through certification for a few months and for a variety of reasons it's still not in production. I'm hoping it clears soon.


How could i help you guys to translate the Alexa skill in french ?


Hi Plex team,

Any update ?