Any tips for syncing TO Google Music Account - not asking about playing Google Music via plex


When I'm outside my home, I often use Google Music from my phone (or work machine). There are several albums I have in my plex library that are not available on Google Music. At the very least I'd like to know which ones are not on google music so I can upload them. Ideally there would be a way to automatically upload them as well.

Anyone taken a crack at this? I know google does not expose it's playback apis to external clients but this is a different use case (in my mind anyway :-) )


Just point Google Music to your music library and it should automatically upload songs that are missing.


Look at Google Music Manager. It will scan your library and upload songs to Google Play.

I use it to upload music in my iTunes library. You can point it at other locations.

Everything is uploaded as MP3s, as that is what Google Play supports. Music in other formats (ALAC, FLAC, etc) is transcoded to MP3 during upload (source is not modified). There are some limitations. For example, 24-bit audio is not supported. It lists anything that can’t be uploaded and why.


As I feared, it didn’t work. I chose a folder from my server containing the tracks of an album I had found on google music. It went ahead and uploaded it and counted it against my 50k tracks. So what is it using as the basis for comparison? Presumably some sort of metadata (or it using some sort of fingerprint of the transcoded waveform representation??)


Songs purchased on Google Play do not count against the 50K song limit.

Songs you own, but not purchased from Google Play, do count against the 50K song limit, even if the song exists in Google Play.

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