Any way to specify IP address to use for Remote Access?



So I have a bit of an unusual setup, which is throwing remote access off. I have my internet connection being routed through a VPN service, so what appears to be my IP address really isn't. Outbound traffic is routed through my firewall, then to the VPN service, then to the internet.

It's possible to make direct connections to my IP address, but not using the IP address that Plex is auto-identifying. Is there any way to override Plex to register a specific IP (much like you can force it to use a specific port)?


In a word: No way to override Ip addresses. Bypass? Maybe but then you get into certificates and all that (if you use your own).

If you want to control traffic flow, you need to figure out the iptables rules yourself. There are a number of threads in the forums where the bulk of the work has been done.