Anyone else have to play a video twice for it to start?



Yes. It stalls when starting and I have to back out and restart the video in order for it to start buffering/playing. This is on Fire TV 3


I’ve been having the same problem for good while on a SONY KD49XD8305. It always stops playing after a few seconds on the first try, then next try it works. Curiously, subtitles continue playing on that first try.

I’ve tried everything. Made sure I have the newest Android TV version and app version, I’ve reinstalled the app (and cleared all data), I’ve changed around settings on the server and in the app. Nothing makes a difference.

Please fix this.


This has been happening to me as well. Fire TV 2nd Gen. This only started happening recently, within the last few months I believe. I recently purchased a Roku 4 and it does NOT happen on that device.


Same problem here, happens on. FireTV stick (2nd gen) other devices are fine… Been happening a long time now, not sure when they’ll fix it?

The weird thing is, if I leave it sitting there frozen then back to menu it will show play progress that whole time (e.g. 3 minutes). So, it seems like server is still sending content and client just doesn’t display correctly.


Same issue here. FireTV 2nd Gen and FireTV Stick 2nd Gen. Started about 2 months ago. Server and apps are all fully patched. Playback crashed after a few seconds but works fine the 2nd attempt. Definitely annoying.


Yep, it is very annoying. Shield here.


+1 nvidia shield


Does it on shield, nexus player and our Bravia tv… for months now.

It’ll either show the circular buffer animation, so I have to leave the playback and start it again, or it’ll show the content for a second, then it looks like it’s playing in the progression bar, but obviously isn’t so I’ll have to restart the media again.

Also, jumps to the screen with the countdown to next episode on occasion, crashes when flying fast through recently added or whatever. Sometimes crashes or freezes when I use the jump back 10 seconds.

This seriously needs fixing. It’s nothing to do with the Oreo update because the bravia is on nougat and my shield was doing it on nougat while my nexus player has been on Oreo for ages.

More likely to do with the fact plex changed to exoplayer or something. But it’s been doing it for months I know that much at least.


If you go back to version 6.12 it fixes it.


Same problem here on fire tv and firestick current gen, latest server and client updates applied. Shield TV has the same problem too so looks like it may be android wide rather than just amazon devices!


On the Win 10 app you see it play, stop, then automagically restart play. This only seems to happen on the first video, subsequent videos play first time.


Same issue with FireTV Gen 2, Roku works fine.


there was an update for the firetv app, but it did not fix this problem of having to play an item twice to get it to play.


Same here… on both my Sony Android TV and my Shield. Issue has persisted for months.


Same problem here on my Shield and my MiBox.


Yes, using a MiBox it happens every few videos, but not all of them.


I’ve had this problem too for about a month. Not a word from Plex on the issue. Typical


Yet another yes, Nvidia Shield.


Yup… same issues… even have to login twice at times too


Yes, Nexus Player though.