Anyone have an issue with the screensaver coming on while playing a video since the last atv4 update



Ever since the latest update the screensaver has started coming up every 5 - 10 mins or so while I'm playing videos in Plex. This wasn't happening yesterday. I did see that there was an update when i started Plex this afternoon.

Apple TV 4 latest version
Plex server Version


I am seeing the same thing that started after my Apple TV updated to the newest version of Plex this evening. Playback stops and it goes to screensaver. You click out of screensaver and what you were watching is there in pause mode. So annoying as it is very random, but seems to happen every 5-10 mins as previously stated.

Tech specs:

Apple TV A1625 (32GB)
tvOS 10.2 (14w265)
Plex 1.10
Plex server

Hope they can fix this soon because Plex is the best thing every invented.


what is your screensaver timing set to in device? we have not been able to reproduce. just want to try to make settings the same


Just wanted to say that the same thing is happening to me. Two Apple TVs. Same behaviour after updating to the latest version of Plex.


Screensaver is set to start after 5 mins. I think that is the default as I have never changed it. I use Plex on my Apple TV daily and the only thing that changed was the update. I noticed the blue dot underneath the app before I launched it last night, so I was aware it had updated.


Seeing this on one of my setups.


I can confirm that setting screensaver to start “never” resolves the problem, so it seems that the Apple TV is not seeing that Plex app is actually playing something. Hopefully a fix is coming as I like the screensaver to come on


Confirm that I’m seeing the same issue here as well. Started as soon as the latest update was released.


Also seeing the same problem here since the latest Plex update.


Can confirm also seeing the same issue on ATV4 since the last update, running latest server. Hopefully an update will come soon as quite annoying, don’t want to turn screensaver off and risk screenburn…


I am also experiencing the same problem on one ATV4 the other ATV4 I played it on seems to be ok, the screensaver settings on both devices are set for 5 mins, strange!!


Ditto. Happening on both of my Apple TV 4 setups. Hope a fix is coming soon.


And me too - started to happen today.


Confirmed, while playing video in Plex, AppleTV screen saver kicks in on Plex 1.10 on latest AppleTV 4th Gen. Tapping remote returns to the video and picks up where it left off without issue. Latest release is when it started. Had plexPass early release 1.10 and now that official release has been made it has happened on both. It’s not happening on everything, perhaps some video codecs are triggering it somehow. It’s intermittent but seemed to happen a lot as in every 10min or so on some video playback. If I get a moment, I’ll track where I see it and collect the video codec specs. Some files it happened frequently while others occurred maybe once while viewing.


I think it may be happening to files after I removed chapters from .mkv files using MKVToolNix GUI, but I played them on another ATV4 and it was ok.


I’m also getting this now. The actual screensaver is set to kick in after an hour yet it seems to happen after 5-10min.


Same here, screen saver was set to 5 minutes, now set to never - until this is fixed.


Happens here too - noticed last night


Same thing is happening to me. 3 times in the last 10 minutes. If I hit the play button, the sound starts playing again but the screensaver is still on the screen. Once I hit menu it takes me back to the show. Very odd. Plex app version 1.10 (5710) on 32 GB AppleTV.


Me too. Very bothersome to the wife.