Anyone having Judder problems with LG OLED Tvs?



Does anyone have judder problems with the LG OLED TVs when they use plex? Im watching 4k and 1080p movies and getting so much judder that i had to activate Trumotion. When that feature is activated the "soap opera" effect will also be activated with is really annoying. Am i the only one that have this problem when watching movies via Plex (im using both plex and xplay, same problem with both).


I have lg oled 2017, if truemotion isn’t on everything is juddery Netflix, youtube, I don’t know how ppl can watch it with so much juddering, if I look in real life looking from left to right it isn’t juddery so why would you want it on a movie or video, its unwatchable with truemotion off ??


I don’t notice any more judder than other TVs.

You can fine tune the TruMotion on the LG OLEDs though. Try setting TruMotion to User and set De-Judder to 1 or 2 and De-Blur to 0, this smooths it out without introducing a heavy soap opera effect.