Anything over 1280 crashing plex, but not VLC or Quicktime or Boxee.



Anything over 1280 crashing plex, but not VLC or Quicktime or Boxee.
Okay, here's the deal (which I posted elsewhere, but I think this might be a bug). This is something which has been a problem for a couple months, but only recently have I zeroed in on the problem.

Plex (starting with 8 and now 9) crashes consistently with .mkv movies encoded over 1280. A few months ago I started encoding movies which are "flat" at 1440 and movies which are "scope" at 1600. This gives great picture quality and really good file size. But then I started crashing. A lot. And couldn't figure it out. Until I realized the crashes started happening around the same time I changed my compression settings.

So, if I take the same source file (say, Alice in Wonderland.m2ts) and encode it at 1280, then again at 1440, then at 1600, here's what happens: 1280 runs great on Plex. 1440 and 1600: cccrrrrrassshhhh! This crash is reproducible with multiple files on a multiple MacMinis, a MacBook and a QuadCore MacPro. If I play the same file (say, the 1600 size) using VLC or Quicktime with Perian or even Boxee, it runs fine. Plex: not so much.

Here is the method, start to finish (and I'll include log files and movie information):

1) rip one of my BluRay discs (AnyDVDHD) to an .m2ts file, stripping out streams I don't want.

2) create either an .srt or .sup depending, for subtitles.

3) compress using Handbrake 0.9.4 64bit:

- AppleTV preset

- change the target size to 1440 (for example), and the anamorphic to "loose".

- Hit Start and go to sleep.

- (That's all I'm doing with Handbrake... nothing else)

4) merge the .mkv file with the .srt file using mkvmerge v4.2.0

5) watch the playback crash on Plex.

On the Plex side, I am not using h264 boost in any way, shape, or form. Nor am I using hardware acceleration, since I don't have the video card to support it.

Any one else care to try this and see if it happens to them as well? Again, these files run great on anything other than Plex.

Please help. I really don't want to go back and re-compress a whole pile of movies since Feb.

Included here is the OS X crash log, the Plex.log (split into two parts) and the movie information collected by MediaInfo. If other information is needed, please let me know.



UPDATE: Scratch that. Plex .9 now crashes everything. Again, if I run these files on VLC, Boxee or Quicktime, no problem. Plex??? Crash! Ugh.

Anyone know what Plex uses as its core player? And is this up to date?