Anyway to add a custom shortcut to run an addon to the home or sub menu??



I'm running a quad boot setup with a raspberry pi, and the author of the script had some shortcuts in the default skin to boot to the other 3 programs (Retropie, Rasbian, Kodi).

Was just looking for a way to transfer said shortcuts if possible.


In the 1080i directory there’s an xml file called includes_homecustom.xml which is there entirely for that purpose.

It’s contents are:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <include name="Home_CustomItems">
    <!-- Sample Custom Script Item -->
      <label>Type Name as it will appear in the menu here.</label>
      <onclick>Plex.RunScript(Path and Filename of the Custom Script Here)</onclick>

Edit the label to whatever you want it appear as in the home menu. Put the command you want in the onclick line. And lastly change the visible line to true.


Thank you!


No problem.


Is it possible to set a background for a custom menu item?


Would it be possibly for you to send me the img for a rasplex and retropie dual boot in the standard skin? I have been looking everywhere and cant find one