App basically unusable: Transcoding everything when logged in as different user



So the Android app is basically unusable for everyone in my family but me...
Most of my Media is 720p h264 3,5Mbit AC3 5.1 - so it should be played flawlessly

Issue 1
as soon as i switch user (even on the same device) it transcodes everything: both video and audio - which my poor celeron can´t handle
When i´m logged in as myself it only transcodes Audio, which is fine (even though my my smartphone supports both E-AC3 and AC3)
So why is it, that plex decides to transcode based on user-account?
It seems though if you log in as a friend it works ... sometimes :neutral:

Issue 2
On my other device (Sony z3 android 6.0.1) Plex always transcodes (no matter the account) everything cause of h264 levels.
it won´t let me set anything higher than 4.0 - my media is mainly 4.1

This is going on since Months and nothing seems to get fixed. So i think you can understand, that i´m annoyed...
Server Version on Ubuntu with Linux 4.10.12

(while i´m at complaining: a friend said sync on android isn´t working while stuff is converting in background - even if it´s set on original and direct playable)


It seems Issue 2 is already known since May