App settings lost at every start




I have a Samsung HG32EE690 (Hospitality model) and load Plex from SmartHub (version 2.005)
and everytime I launch the app I must enter my pin code, load my language I do my settings
the option "Auto login last user and skip pin code" is activated but do nothing, all settings are always lost

I also try with sideloading version 2.010, and the issue is the same, I also do a factory reset of TV and SmartHub but still the same...

So what could I do to resolve this?



That’s exactly what hospitality models do. To prevent hotel guests messing things up, the TV will not store any settings.
The only way I know of running apps on these models, is hooking it up to a Samsung hospitality system and install and distribute the app from there. However this is no option for single use, since these systems are expensive.


Thanks Orca for this answer, and I finaly get it working with saving.
In hôtel service menu and smarthub Model setting, I set a “hôtel id” number and now settings are saved
hospitality mode is also set as standalone on Tv