Apple TV 4k Direct Play of Audio



My Apple TV 4k Plex app converts my 24 bit 96kHz ALAC (Apple Lossless) files down to 48kHz (indicated on my DAC) and I surmise it is also converting from 24 bit down to 16 bit. I hear a marked difference between playback on the Apple TV versus my Mac Mini using the same DAC (suggesting to me there is a conversion of the bit size in addition to the confirmed conversion of the sample rate). Perhaps it's a limitation of the Apple TV but it seems unreasonable that the Apple TV can play 4k video however still can't play native hi resolution files.

Can you please confirm for me what exactly happens to a ALAC or FLAC high resolution audio file upon playback in Plex using Apple TV 4k? Does it convert both the bit size (24 down to 16) and the sample rate (96 down to 48). Is there something else possibly going on to alter the audio in addition to this.

I simply want to play my music as purely as possible from the Apple TV 4k to my DAC.

I get great sound now via my Mac Mini and the Plex Media Server but I really really love the Apple TV app you guys created, especially how great the remote works with the interface. It's outstanding. I'm hopeful that the Apple TV will be able to play high resolution audio files using via this awesome Plex app. THANKS!