Apple TV 4k If display subtitles start to transcoding HEVC to H264



Sorry guys if it is answered this issue or you know that is something to fix from the plex team.

I have my library from a QNAP nas and just added a Apple TV 4k to use like client, connected to my Samsung TV 4k.
All is working correctly playing mkv 4k movies, except when I want to display subtitles that start to transcoding instead play direct .

If I play the same files from my Imac using the ios native plex works correctly.
If I play the same files from the Apple TV 4K using Infuse, works correctly.

Also I see that Infuse has the change of channels the audio and subtitles integrated in the player, with plex I need to choice before play and is not integrated.

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This highlights a HUGE problem with the plex app that needs to be addressed by Plex in a big way. They have built the plex player off of the native tvOS player, which does not support mkv/x265 very well at all - and once you add in subtitles - it pretty much doesn’t support it at all and reverts to transcoding it to 264 - which takes a piss ton of processor juice and bogs down Synology units pretty much altogether. The fact that the QNAP can play them shows how much more power they have depending on the bitrate of the file you’re playing (mine was playing a movie with a bitrate of 12,200 kbps).

The other probably much lesser encountered problem that I was helping my dad out with is that he was playing subtitles with .vob files - which apparently is quite bad compared to SRT files and I’m not smart enough to tell you why - but it was completely shutting his machine down to a halt.

My workaround has been using the MrMC app. It is not polished like the plex app is (credit where credit is due) but it will play a 4k HEVC file using directly play and will overlay subtitles perfectly (and bonus - you can download them from within the app). It is $7 and is well worth it until Plex gets their act with it and fixes the AppleTV plex app. @plex are you hearing this?


Vote for a revamped Apple TV app


Thanks a lot for your comments, I agree 100% with you seems something than plex could fix the hardware is capable to move 4k mkv in a direct play and display subtitles without transcode and burn our nas.
Thanks a lot again for your recommendation about MrMC, I have bought it and works correctly, another combination “no plex” than WORKS.

A big pity than we can not do directly with plex. @plex are you there?