Apple TV..Just wow!!


Ok after 5 or 6 years of good and not so good Plexing in which time i have often been hyperbolic in my criticism it's time to hold my hands up.... twice!!
Although server side I have never really had an issue, client wise (tv based) has always been a different story. From hopeless to ugly as hell and back again. AFTV, Roku, all the way up to a dedicated HTPC and Nvidia shield. The nearest I have gotten to a great client (since I got rid of my Orca compatible TV) is Plex for Kodi. Surprising cos i despise Kodi skins as much as I hate everything Apple since i bought an iPad 2.

Well in despair yesterday I bought an ATV 4K and to be honest it was primarily to take a look at infuse that I have heard so much about lately. First impression was promising but still severely lacking... Then a day and a half later I decided "sceptically" to install the default Plex tvOS app.
Wow!! What a beautiful stunning thing it is. Everything that ticks all (my personal) boxes.
Rotten Tomatoes ratings (and reviews). Server switching up front. Collections up front. Actor thumbs linking to their other movies up front.

Yet here I am with around 50-60TB of media all in MKV format all with HD audio (mostly DTS-HD MA) basically if an iOS device shouldn't like it, then I own it.
What concerned me most was the fact all my 4K HDR remuxes are mostly in the same format.

So what really amazed me was seeing them play in equal quality as they do on my MKV friendly Shield whist Tautulli reports the Video is direct streaming (not transcoding) in almost every case. The audio was in some cases converting to ac3 which I understand. But going back to the Video. Plex can really just transcode the container without quality loss and still retain the HDR metadata? All with about 2% cpu usage on a Kaby Lake? I'm guessing yes as the 2 HDR movies i watched looked equally as stunning as when direct playing on my Shield.

Either way I finally have a client a love.