Apple TV not playing some movies/series but direct TV->;Plex does, iPad's does



H all

Recently had more and more programs not wanting to play on my AppleTV.

After pressing play it either goes to a black screen, and if you press on play it stays on 0:00 even if you press play again, or it says "Something went wrong playing your media. Please try again"

They are playing via direct TV (Samsung) to Plex though.

I've updated my flex to the newest Plex is running on a ReadyNas RN102 6.5.0.

AppleTV Plex Version: 1.17.1 (6866)
AppleOS 11.0 (15J381)


anyone ?



Hi all,
Still having this problem, while on flex on the Apple TV I’d select a episode to play, it will start with the black screen with the little spinning wheel, and then just go black. if I touch remote it shows 0 minutes to how ever long the program is, but stuck on 0 minutes, going on to say Samsung alternate input, pointing it to the flex then it works, same goes for going onto iPad. it works.
Apple TV seems to be up to date.