Apple TV reports "Can't Playback because the connection with your server was lost"



I have a Mac mini running PLEX on a local area network. I have my Apple TV's connected via physical ethernet cables to a switching hub. Everything seems to work fine however when I play a Playlist or do a Shuffle Videos I get an error of "Can't continue playback because the connection with your server was lost". I have 4 Apple TV's and it happens on all of them.
Please help! I need to create a media server that works without a internet connection for a trade show.


I am having the same exact problem. I'm watching a movie from PLEX and it keeps saying that there is No Network even though it is wired to the network and I have good internet speed.


i am running plexmedia server from my macbook and after 5 mins of playback get the error can't playback because the connection with your server was lost. Earlier there was no issues at all. i assume the new update is causing the problem.


I have been having a similar issue for at least 6 months. My network is all ethernet wired and my media server is windows based. But when I play movies on Apple tv, and ONLY apple tv has this issue, intermittently it loses connection to the server and I have to wait 1-2 minutes before it will find the server again. Some times it doesn't happen at all, other times it happens 2-3 times during the course of a 2 hour movie