Apple TV Streaming Over Local Network



I've had some concerns that my Apple TV is streaming Plex content over the internet and not my local network (hitting Comcast monthly limit often)

I've been digging on the forums and see that you do need to have an internet connection and sign in to access your Plex Sever even if it is on the same local network.

I can't find any info on if the media is streamed locally or not.



I think this is what you are looking for. Looks like ATV is not the best option for not using internet.


Well, except that it doesn’t stream over the internet if your Plex server and ATV are both local. Simple to test.
Start a video on the ATV from Plex then pull your cable out of your modem. Leave all the other networking in place, just remove the internet from the equation.
If your video does not continue to stream you have something setup wrong.
ATV is a great option, as long as you are OK with the UI.


I’m also seeing this on my new Apple TV 4K. I’ve unplugged the cable as suggested above, and files still play, but I am still seeing a huge spike in my internet usage during the times I’m using Plex, leading me to believe the ATV is sending something over the Internet. This is very frustrating. I’ve already gotten two love notes from Comcast about my usage since I bought the Apple TV 3 days ago.