Are there any skins that allow me to hide all menus?



To give a little background, I am using RasPlex in a fairly nonstandard manner. My current setup involves a script that plays TV shows from my Plex server on my RasPlex at scheduled times, threading in “commercials” between shows. Since the commercials don’t play back to back (there can be as much as a minute delay or more if there’s an error) and I don’t run programming while I sleep or am at work. During times when nothing is running I prefer to have a test pattern on screen, but I’m still stuck with the menu overtop (example below)

What I’d like to do is eliminate the menu bar entirely, or use a skin that hides the menu when not in use. I have no need to navigate the menus on my system, because all of the playback is handled remotely. Does anybody have recommendations on how to make that happen?