ARMv5 - The good and the bad



There were some significant announcements this week. The good is that DSM6 is still available, the bad is that Plex Inc. just announced that Plex Media Server will be discontinued for this platform.

I've bought a ds411slim 2.5 years ago. This unit was discontinued after the ds414slim announcement on May 27, 2014, less than 2 years ago. This is not so old... Plex took more than 2 years to announce PMS support for ARMv7. Several ARMv7 users felt deceived during almost 2 years for not having a PMS platform. Now ARMv5 users are facing an even worse scenario.

The problem with PMS is that a significant part of the code is loaded during installation. It's useless to have a 0.9.16.x installation file if installation cannot be completed because the downloaded files will not be compatible. One thing is to be stuck with an old PMS, which I'm forced to accept (although not satisfied), another complete thing is to plan to abbandon Plex as my media server because it may no longer work in the future.

Is this what Plex Inc. wants ? Or will we have a guarantee that old versions will continue to work ?


Moody, have you updated to DSM 6.0 yet? If not, then you must make sure PMS is not running before you install the DSM update.

If you don't then the DSM upgrade falsely tells you that Plex is not compatible and should be removed, however that is not the case, that message appears to be a hangover from earlier beta versions of DSM. It will also tell you that you are installing DSM 6.0 RC, which is also false.

That said, you should not have any more difficulty with Plex than you did before, but if you do run into problems then please let us know.

Also, you should note that your NAS dates back to 2011 which is 5 years old, regardless of when you purchased it, and in computer terms, it's at the end of it's supported life. I am a little surprised that you are able to install DSM 6.0 on your NAS to be honest.

That said, how long should Plex or any company support your older equipment is a very good question. My answer would be forever, but that does not happen in this day and age. Today, 5 years old is considered out of date and if you want to continue enjoying what you have, you have to update, sad but true I'm afraid.

Slightly older models than yours (those that cannot update to DSM 5.0+), are no longer supported by Plex and Plex will fail to run on those models at some point. When Plex does fail, they wont be able to continue using Plex.

You will also note that Windows XP is no longer supported by Plex and when Plex fails on those PC's they will no longer be able to use Plex either.

It's disappointing I know, but what can you do? :(


@trumpy81 said:
It's disappointing I know, but what can you do? :(
I have the option to use Synology media products. They've improved a lot during this period. The major obstacle will be my wife, today she uses the Harmony remote only, but if I go the "Syno route" she will have to also use a tablet to "cast" media to the AppleTV3.

But my concern is not the withdrawn support for ARMv5. What I would like to be answered is if 0.9.16.x will continue to work forever or not given the fact that a great part of PMS's code is downloaded from the Net. For example, PMS updates its plug-ins from the Net regularly. Will they maintain compatibility with 0.9.16.x ? Myself, and probably the thousands of ARMv5 users, some of them may have bought lifetime Plex Pass licenses, deserve a formal answer.

For the time being I will use Plex however... Fortunately I did not buy a lifetime license (I was about to take that decision when Plex announced the price increase from 75€ to 150€).

DSM6 is working great, even on a 256MB RAM unit such as mine.


Sorry Moody, but my crystal ball is broken and I really don't think anyone can see that far into the future.

I would be confident in stating that Plex will not remain at 0.9.16.x. There will be updates and for how long those versions will be supported is anyone's guess.

The issue here is not with Plex so much, it is with the hardware you are using. Who knows what wizz bang devices we will be using in 5 years time or 10 years time. Plex as we know it, may not even run on these new devices, who knows?

I'm glad to hear that DSM 6.0 is running well for you. That will probably extend the life of your NAS for at least another 2-5 years or thereabouts, I would imagine, and that will include the life of Plex as well, hopefully. So for now at least you should be pretty safe.

Also, I don't think that lifetime Plex Pass will go to waste and even if it did end up expiring for one reason or another, you would have to weigh the amount spent against the time in use and I think you would end up with a pretty fair deal.

A lifetime Plex Pass is not that expensive and if you only got say 10 years use out of it, that would mean it cost you 10% of what you paid, for each year of usage. I think that would work out pretty reasonable.