This seems to be the model that I am looking at price, look, and transcoding appear to be what I am looking for.
I am worried about the 2 gig of ram. I can't upgrade this so I want to make sure before purchase.

I would like to use plex media server, owncloud, torrent download, ftp, vpn, transcoding

will 2 gig be good for me???? or should I look at the QNAP 451 daul processor upgrade memory at 400.00


The model you are looking at can be a good PMS machine if you don’t have to do any transcoding in real time. The CPU in it just isn’t capable of handling any transcoding past 480p or so. Just not enough horses under the hood…

I run a lot of apps on my 7004T and have it maxed out with 16GB of memory. Most of that is used by the cache system.