Asking me to reactivate and pay again



Hi, as per the title it's asking to me to pay £4.99 to activate my account on the iPad again.

I did this in July last year, and if I remember correctly I paid another time before that but just paid again as it wasn't worth the hassle.

Anyone able to help would be much appreciated thanks.


Bump. They also have the email proving payment so just need the powers that be to flick a switch somewhere :)


yes, this has happened to me as well. I had the ability to play content on my devices and then in December when I got my new iPad, and installed Plex, it said I needed to activate. I know that this had been working, not sure why all the sudden my devices now are asking for payment.


Anybody, have any clues?


They ended up paying again, not ideal but Plex are happy with that outcome I suppose...