Asus esc500 g4 as plex server? (virtualization)


So im thinking about buying myself an asus esc500 g4 to use for plex server. But there is some questions i feel is unanswered that i couldnt find answers for while googling.

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245V6
GPU: Intel® HD Graphics P630

So i thougt id try here.

  1. anyone know if it can run ESXI?
  2. are there any downsides on running plex in virtualization? and should i avoid it? (i need the transcoding feature of plex)
  3. im planning on running teamspeak server, torrent server and plex server on the machine. maybe something more in the future. Is the server "good enough" for that? Or should i just run plex on it?
  4. for me, asus isnt the first brand i come to think of as "server hardware" so should i avoid it and buy something else? or is it good? if someone could chime in and tell me of his/her experiences of the asus workstation that would be great.
  5. can it handle 4k transcode? (i bet its a big no, but i thought id ask )
  6. can it handle hevc (4k) playback (directstream/play)?
  7. And price, it costs about $1900 (15500 SEK). Could i get anything better for that kind of cash?

  1. I see no reason why not. You must enable Intel V-T in the UEFI BIOS though.
  2. There are plenty of possible downsides. It is always better to run Plex in a native environment rather than a virtual one.
  3. The more applications you run the greater the risk of interference you face.
  4. ASUS make great hardware, but their software, like many manufacturers, sucks.
  5. Yes, it should be able to handle 4K transcoding with Hardware Acceleration enabled in Plex (Plex Pass required).
  6. Most server machines can stream 4K provided your Plex client is capable of playing it.
  7. If you are willing to build your own system with similar specs, it would probably be cheaper, but not as convenient.


thanks for all the answers!
I have decided to not run Plex in virtualization.
After googling some more i found that it can be a hassle to get gfx running in pass-through and as you mention there is a lot of things that can interfere. and i have gotten old and lazy and just want things to run smooth. :slight_smile:

So that brings me to the next thing. I wont be building myself a system. i want something, like the asus, dell or hp. that is pre-built.

So with these two things in mind. Is the asus the right way to go? is it overkill? are there any other pre-built “server-systems” out there? or should i press the buy-button? :slight_smile:

noticed that i forgot to mention what im using my Plex server for.

we are 5 people using the server.
most of them dont use it that much.
but at most there is 1-2 transcodes going on (1080p).
at the same time there could be 1-2 directplay/directstream (1080p and/or 4k).
and hopefully it can transcode at least one 4k video.

im thinking i rather have a server that is a bit overpowered, if the usage goes up. then a server that is the exact specs for the usage at the time.


The best way to answer your question is to compare the specs and prices of the ASUS vs any other brand that catches your eye.

The ASUS has good specs and should handle everything you need with a little in reserve. So use it as your starting point or click the buy button, it’s up to you.