ATV FF/RR Fast forward and rewind problems



I am running IOS 10.1 and the newest plex client. Linux 1.34 server

anytime i fast forward files the atv freezes and after a few minutes of hitting menu will allow me to go back to the main menu. MKV and AVI files. Does not matter if they are direct play for transcoded.

The windows clients do not have the same problem. Granted, i use the mouse on the slider vs the remote on the ATV.

anyone seeing this? also i saw the iphone client upgraded last week, but not the apple tv client--is that coming soon?


Same issue there. I just avoid hitting FF or RW! It seems to behave much better if you pause the video first before hitting those buttons.

Sometimes you end up with a squished image stuck on the screen and then you have to press the main menu button to get back the ATV main screen, if you go into plex you get the select users but you can't do anything, eventually it crashes and then you can go back into plex.


YES! it goes from wide screen to letterbox and get stuck--after 30 seconds to a minute it stops.

And it is not bandwidth issue, i have a direct 1 GB wired connection to the ATV. I also have a 3GHZ Intel I3 running my server. Soon to have a Xeon chip driving it.

thanks for the pause suggestion.

PLEX -- can you hear us? Happy with the product but would love a tweak.


Having the same isuue, trying to FF or RR results in a crash with no response from the menu button. Only option is to false close the app.


All of the same issues as above.. very frustrating. Works completely fine on my Roku 3 but I want to use the nicer interface of my Apple TV.. Any possibility of a fix for this in the near future??


Great news! i downloaded and upgraded my Plex server to
released - February 11, 2017 and the problems stopped. It is nice and responsive and frankly seems very dependable on the ATV. Quickly advances, rewinds and stays wide screen.

please try it and see if it helps!



I am running but I'm still seeing the same problems.


i spoke to soon as well. it works for my smaller TV shows (AVI files, but not MKVs consistently. And no way for my bluerays)


TBH guys, I'm actually thinking of dumping the ATV player, I don't particularly care for the interface (mish mash of apple and Plex) and it rarely supports direct play.

We have a Raspberry Pi 3 in the bedroom running osmc and the Plex for kodi plugin and the thing is flawless, the UI is fantastic in the Plex app and it direct plays everything from our server as it transcodes audio on the pi itself.

Plus you can FF AND RW.

(Have you ever tried doing that with the TV remote on the ATV (CEC)?! It is impossible)


i wish this would get fixed. the ATV is powerful enough......


I have the same problem using Plex on my Roku3 and my Samsung SmartTV. Running latest PMS on Ubuntu 16.0.4 box. All connections over WiFi— I don’t have the issue via web client or iOS but I want to watch the big screen. All help is appreciated.


this stopped being a problem for me about 8 versions of the Plex server ago…it never hiccups now…