Audio, no video while creating Netflix plugin



I've created a plugin for Netflix instant queue viewing. Works great for case art, descriptions, etc. However, it only seems to play the audio, no video, while continuing to say "opening stream."

I was just wondering if this was a problem due to the fact that Netflix uses Silverlight, or.....?

Also, the size of the Netflix viewer scales with the size of the window in Safari, making it really hard to put in the correct values for cropping and controls in the site configuration. Does the WebKit view that is used by Plex have a specific size? I can't seem to find it in the Plex source code...



Hey lucasm, welome to the forums. We're working on a plug-in for Netflix, and we've needed to add some features to the Plex Media Server and the site configuration to support it; as you've noticed it's a bit tricky :)

We're also working on adding a wiki page listing plug-ins that are being worked on so that we don't duplicate effort. We'll post information about it soon!


Ah good, so it's not just me! :)

Great to hear you guys are working on it. Good thing it didn't take very long to program the parts I have done already - definitely a tribute to the framework. :)

Thanks for the info and for Plex!