Audio not playing on generic client.



So my parents have bought a new TV. It was cheap, but it claims It's a smart TV. I used a free alternative before plex, but some files refused to play on the TV. I decided to switch to Plex, because my parents want to watch moovies on the TV. With plex the moovies start playing, but there is no audio. If I play a stereo file it plays fine (Dolby D), but when I try to play those wich have no audio the TV displays the DTS logo, with Kodi I can see that these are sorround files, and they play fine. Because It's a generic Tv there is no documentation on it. As I read on this forum, I would need to change the setting in the TV to only request stereo, but there is no such setting in the TV's menu. Maybe there is a way to get plex to transcode my audio? I have seen someone editing an XML file and it fixed it for him, but for me there is still no sound. After I have edited the XML file and restarted plex I have the same problem. Any ideas?