Audio problems the last few days



I've been using Plex on my Nvidia Shield since it became available last year. Up to now, I've not had any problems. A few days ago though, I started having an issue with the audio. I go to play a video, and no sound comes out. I've tried videos in different formats, I've streamed them to different devices. The videos are just fine if I play them through the plex app on my pc, but if I play that same video on the Shield itself, no sound. And this is videos that a couple weeks ago i had no problems whatsoever.


Do you have sound in other apps like YouTube?

Did you try to reboot the Shield? .

Last week I lost the sound. All the system was affected. A reboot brought back the sound.


Sorry to jump on this thread but I too have the same issue since the last plex update on my Nvidia Shield.
Some videos (not all) that played fine in the past now have no audio with a couple having 'crackling' audio. They are streamed from my NAS drive and will play fine on my PC and also play fine in VLC on the Nvidia Shield, it seems that the last update has broken something?
All files have Plex compliant AAC audio in either stereo or surround formats and encased in the MKV container.
Rebooted, refreshed Plex media server and nothing fixes the issue?
Any ideas what I could try?


Just to add, the sound also plays fine through the Plex web app.......