Audio sync issues



Has anyone figured out how to fix the audio sync issues?
My issue seems to happen after a commercial Skype has occurred. Sometimes I can stop the program ,stop Plex media player on atv4, restart and it works for a while.
Plex Pass
Using 2014 Mac mini
Wired internet
Older LG TV no sound bar, just speakers
It seems this issue exists on a number of platforms and I have not been able to find any thing to resolve the issue
I’ve spent a great deal of time researching and it appears there is no solution.
Any help would be appreciated


Same audio sync issue after commercial skipping for me. Windows 10 PMS and Apple TV client. Stopping and resuming seems to get the audio back on track most of the time.


Same issue. Audio/Video sometimes go out of sync when crossing a video edit to skip a commercial. Stopping/restarting video after passing the skip boundary will re-sync the A/V.
Same video from same server plays fine on Roku3 and in Safari Browser on Mac.
Have only seen it on Apple TV 4k. (plex client ver.1.23)
Server is RasPi3, no transcoding for playback for all mentioned clients. (server ver.