audio syncing issue




Plex Media Server on a Windows 10 box
DVDs ripped with Handbrake using Roku preset
Primary Media Player: TCL TV w/Roku built in
Secondary Media Players: iPad, Macbook Air

Problem: I have about 200 movies in my library and have just come across this issue with recently, with 2 specific movies. I cannot replicate with other movies. This lead me to believe something was wrong with the files. I have re-ripped the discs several times, each time with different settings. Doesn't matter.

When I play these 2 movies on the TCL TV w/Roku, the sound is immediately out of sync. During the first movie logo, I can hear the lion growl from the second logo, and I know it's out of sync from the start. by a good 10 seconds. Not just a little bit.

When I play either of these movies directly on the Plex Server, they play just fine. When I play them on another computer (MacBook Air) using the web app (launched from after I log in) they play just fine. If I use the Roku app on my iPad, they play just fine. When I open the 2 movies with another app, like Quicktime Player, VLC Player, Windows Media Player, the movies are just fine.

They only play with out of sync audio when played on the TCL TV. I am not sure what to try next.


If the audio is DTS for these files then you most likely will have audio sync issue due to Roku firmware that has yet to be fixed. Workaround for DTS files was to set the roku to output Dolby digital+ (obviously requires a receiver with Dolby Digital+).


Thank you for that info. I just double checked the files. Plex server says the files have AAC Stereo. Good information though. I’ll bear it in mind for the future.


Based on your suggestion that it might be a problem with the audio track, I dig a little deeper. Both movies were showing that they had 2 audio tracks, both listed as AAC Stereo. On the roku tv, looking at each movie, I changed the settings for each to use the second audio track. This yielded a Codex Not Found error. Not sure what else to do, I removed the Plex Channel from the TV and reinstalled it. Went back to those 2 movies, both were still set to us second audio track and they work fine now.

Not sure if the audio track change or the reinstall did the trick. Could have been my TV still had an older version of the plex channel (not sure why if auto update is on) Or, could have been some glitch in the saved settings for the channel or something like that.

TBH, not sure why these 2 movies would have whacky audio tracks, when I rip all my DVDs the exact same way. Maybe something screwy on the DVD, for whatever reason.

Thanks for your help in steering me in the right direction.