Audio transcodes on £80 Streaming stick + but direct plays on £30 Raspberry Pi?



This has been bugging for for awhile... I bought the Roku Streaming Stick + so I could do more than just use plex which I used on the Raspberry Pi (running rasplex)

Unfortunately I don't have surround sound so both just hook up to my TV (stereo) via HDMI.

My movies are encoded with either DTS or DTS-HD audio, and with the more expensive all singing all dancing Roku, it trancodes the audio to AAC, presumably 2 channel stereo audio.

Where as the cheap and chearful Raspberry Pi direct plays the audio. Both sound the same to me coming out the TV, I just wondered what the Pi is doing to achieve this that the Roku can't?

I have all the boxes ticked to allow direct play etc, and if I force it there's no audio on the Roku.

If you need anything specific answer please ask, it's bugging me and I'm just wondering if it's a limitation of the Roku's hardware, but if it is what is it? It's nearly 3 times the price of my Pi and I really hoped to be able to fully direct play all my files just like I did with the Pi.


No Roku device supports HD audio, either Dolby TrueHD or DTS MasterAudio. Not even bitstream passthrough. If your Roku is connected via HDMI to an AVR that supports DTS, the DTS core audio from the HD track will passthrough, but that’s all. Roku won’t pay the necessary licensing fees, where your Raspberry is most likely ignoring the licensing requirements.