Audio Video - out of sync



When I play video on my Roku the audio and video are often a few seconds out of sync.

Stopping and restarting the video often fixes it. But I am hoping for a permament fix.


Here are some notes:


Plex Media Server =

Running on a Win7 DELL OptiPlex 755 PC with a 100MB NIC


Plex Roku App = 3.0.8

Roku Box = XD|S 2100X Version 3.1 - build 1198

Running on WiFi


Settings / Preferences in both Apps have been left at defaults.


The media files are MP4


When I stream to the Roku using Windows Media Server - the audio / video are always in sync.


When I stream to my iPad using Air Playit - the audio / video are always in sync.


I really like the Plex user interface on Ruko and hope to fix this sync problem.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,





Do you know if the videos you are trying to play are being direct play or direct stream to the roku? Can you try to set it to "Direct Play with Fallback" in the plex roku preference and try streaming again?



Playback (in the Plex Ruko App) was set to AUTOMATIC under preferences.

I changed it to Direct w/ Fallback as you suggested.

I played the first 5 minutes of 5 different shows and did not have the sync problem.

So it looks like it's fixed. It was intermittent so time will tell for sure.

Thank you VERY much.



I just got a Roku 3


When I use Plex app on Roku Model 4200R to plex media server on windows computer, voice and sound goes out of sync. When I use the Roku media player app on Roku to plex media server on windows computer it plays fine.

I tried more than one computer, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. I also tried MP4 and MKV files and still same results. Is there a bug in the Plex Roku app?

I tried the playback settings, I get no sound or the same out of sync.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I think the Android and Plex Home Theater apps have options to adjust audio sync...... would be REALLY nice if the Roku app had this feature. I too often struggle with audio sync problems from time to time (especially with MKV files and mainly when resuming a movie I didn't finish the day before). My media server is an i5 4690K with 8 gigs of RAM, SSD for booting and a RAID setup for the media files. It's not the server......something with Roku or the Plex app on Roku. Either way, I'd love the option to adjust the audio sync on the fly but I think I read on here a while ago that due to limitations of the Roku or their SDK, we're never going to see that option.

A work around I've been using, my TV has an Android box hooked up to it that that has XBMC (Kodi). There is a Plex XBMC add-on for XBMC and within XBMC, you can adjust the audio sync to your liking.


I've been having sync issues as well only on my older RokuXD device and It only happens with TV episodes that fade to black for commercials - it comes back out of sync. Or if the program starts with a slow fade from black it'll start out of sync. This has only been happening for 3 months or so and I've been using this Roku for years. It always happens with FLV files no matter what playback method I choose but if I wait about 30 seconds stop and resume playback it's okay - but sometimes there's no resume playback option. With other files Direct Stream does the trick. I've reset the Roku to factory settings a few times to no avail.

All I know is that it's getting worse (perhaps as server versions are updated) as it used to just happen with my FLV downloads of Craig Ferguson (the only FLV files I have) but now it's happening more and more whether it's a saved stream from the broadcaster's website or a DVD rip no matter what the format.

Theres a chance it's only happening with HD files but i haven't investigated all that much. If they haven't worked on the Roku I just watch them on my computer or my attached projector via PLEX or VLC.


I'm having this problem, too!  Frankly, I haven't been all that observant about the details, but when I stream something from my PMS to my Roku 2XS, it starts out synched, then seems to slip a bit by the end.   My husband just complained to me about a TV episode I downloaded for him.  When he played it via Roku, the sound was out of sync.  When I played it on my PC with VLC, it was fine.  That was an flv, but I seem to remember it happening with other formats, too.

Would someone please tell me what to do about this? 


I've been having the same issue. It started about a week ago, and it doesn't affect all my streams, just a select few. The long films seems to do just fine, the series tend to be out of sync... 

I play the files on VLC, everything is fine. I play the show on plex in a browser, still fine. I play the show on my roky 3... out of sync. 

Is there anything I can do? Can you force a sync on a roku?


I found something that might be helpful.  A codec site said that this is often because the CPU can't decode the stream fast enough for synced play.  It suggested ways to reduce CPU usage in order to devote more power to decoding. Most of the tips seem to be for playing videos on your computer, but a possible solution is to close other programs that use up a lot of CPU cycles.  In my case, that would be Firefox and Vipre.  With a little common sense, I could do this.  I haven't tried it yet, but I will.

Has anyone had success with just closing greedy programs?


I was experiencing the syncing issue noted above with my Roku Streaming Stick. After some trial and error what ultimately worked for me was disabling Direct Play (Settings -> Video -> Direct Play -> Disable). I don't know if this is a universal fix but it seems to have worked with the Roku Stick.


I began experiencing a similar playback symptom, where the audio/video sync would drift over time. Audio would end up eventually being ahead of video, but only with video that I had recorded from over the air TV using an older HD Homerun, which records files ending in .ts, which is just a different container for .mpg from what I gather.

After reading these posts, I tinkered with the settings a bit, until arriving at setting this on the Plex Roku App:

Settings > Video > Direct Play = force.

TCL Roku TVs with Plex, PMS on Linux CentOS 7 64-bit