Auto-Play Automatically Enabled After PMS Update? Turn It Off Please...



I just want to know how to turn off auto-play with the PMS? I can't seem to find out how, and quite annoyed that after an update, it decides to auto-play my all TV shows. Thanks


I too am interested in where the settings are for the auto-play. But for the opposite reason. I like it to keep playing even if I fall asleep.
So is there a way of setting it unlimited when auto-play is on? Or are we stuck with this 3 at a time unless you click the next button? Cause that's starting to become annoying to me personally. Netflix does this, and while I understand why they do it, with my own network and collection, I'd like to be the one who decides how many episodes play in a row or not.


Just FYI....Auto-Play for me last as long as there are as many episodes for that series. Not 3 at a time whatsoever. Regardless, we still need a user control for that aspect of Plex.