Autoplay, Continuous Play... binge watching!



Plex is a great piece of software and on Android TV it looks and behaves beautifully!
The UI is the best I have seen from any devices I had Plex on.

There is one feature really missing though... I don't really understand why when watching TV services the default behaviour is to play one episode and stop?
For movies that makes sense, but for series, default behaviour should be to play next episode automatically.
At the moment you can only do this if you hit play at the Show or Season screen, but most times, you want to start from a random (last watched) episode, but then the next episode doesn't play on it's own.

Could you please add this behaviour as default for TV Shows or give an option to enable it somehow?
As we are on it, would be great if the same autoplay feature was enabled for TV Shows that are On Deck, as it would be a great shortcut!

Thanks you for all of your hard work on Plex so far!


Default behavior should be exactly like it is, not everyone wants to always binge-watch a series :D But I agree there could be an option for that. On Plex for Opera TV after an episode it goes to the "info screen", then on the top bar there's an arrow for easily step to the next one. That's not the same though


So need this for the kids room, auto play peppa pig!


@poison3k said:
So need this for the kids room, auto play peppa pig!

What if you create a playlist from the series? That should play each episode one after the other


Hi everybody.
Just to say, I'm sure that this feature was already available. Through one of the color/letter coded keys of the TV remote, I could choose between: "play and stop", "play and repeat", "play continuously", "shuffle".
And, if my memory works well, this was made by pressing the red key marked with the A letter.
Haven't used Plex on a Samsung for a little while and... this useful option is simply disappeared.
Too bad.