autoplay not working



Hi guys, I was trying to figure out how to get autoplay working on my xbox one app.
I remembered it was working fine before, but recently I have to manually select next episode in the tv season menu. I googled a lit bit and some people suggested to mark all the previous episodes watched and open the new episode from on deck. I did so and it's still not working.

Basically, it made me so frustrated that I have to manually switch on my controller, trying to find where the pointer is(it's missing and I have to press xbox controller buttons for 20-30 times to make it appear again.)and move it to the next episode to play it every time an episode ends.

So I wonder if anyone could fixed it because it really affects the user experience.

The other thing is that is there a setting to make the who season watched?

Thanks guys.

Best wishes


Hi there. Right now it’s a bit clunky to enter autoplay mode. You have to find the show/season poster and press the X button to start playback, which should start playback of the On Deck item and continue from there. We’ll be adding proper autoplay support in an upcoming update.