Back up/ Restore /clone your PMS metadata



Backing up your PMS data involves the same steps you'll need if you were to clone your PMS and take to a new computer, reinstall the operating system, or just want a backup for safe keeping.

  1. Stop PMS
  2. Invoke the root shell
  3. Create the backup image
  4. Copy the image to the new system, perform your OS reinstallation, or whatever task you need
  5. -- Stop here if you're only making a backup --
  6. (Re)install PMS itself if on a new machine
  7. Start and Stop PMS one time (no interaction with it is required)
  8. Restore the backup image
  9. Start PMS

From the command line, making the backup looks like this.

On the source (original) system:

[chuck@lizum ~.74]$ sudo sh
sh-4.4# cd /var/lib/plexmediaserver
sh-4.4# tar cfz /nas/tmp/PlexBackup.tar.gz ./Library
sh-4.4# ls -la /nas/tmp/PlexBackup.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--. 1 root root 864050144 Oct 29 15:29 /nas/tmp/PlexBackup.tar.gz

On the destination (new) system or when restoring :

sh-4.4# sudo sh
sh-4.4# systemctl start plexmediaserver
sh-4.4# systemctl stop plexmediaserver
sh-4.4# cd /var/lib/plexmediaserver
sh-4.4# rm -rf Library
sh-4.4# tar xf /nas/tmp/PlexBackup.tar.gz
sh-4.4# chown -R plex:plex ./Library
sh-4.4# systemctl start plexmediaserver

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