Backup Plex



I know this is a stupid question to some, but I'm having a little trouble with getting this done.

I am moving PMS to a new server and would like to backup info so that I don't lose my place in each tv series, movie, and such.

I'm running PMS (Plex Pass) on FreeNAS. Originally on 9.2.0 and recently I plugged in a FreeNAS 11 USB key to see if it would work, and while it sort of worked it somehow killed my PMS jail such that even booting back to 9.2.0 doesn't allow PMS to work. All my data is still on the NAS and available to me as far as I can tell.

I get the PMS and FreeNAS are separate entities however I could use a little assistance to see if there is a way to get my Plex data backed up for a new NAS and fresh Plex Pass installation in a Jail. My original PMS turned Plex Pass was installed via FreeNAS plugin which shows as although I thought I read there is a bug where the version doesn't show correctly - it should be as up to date as possible as I regularly run the manual update).

I don't necessarily need to backup all the media files, where I'm stuck is just in the data Plex uses to save my position in V shows, playlists, etc. Any help is appreciate for this.


It sounds like this is what you need:


That does move me forward,

“${JAIL_ROOT}/var/db/plexdata/Plex Media Server/”

That’s easy to access via the Jail_Root, however I can’t figure out how to access a Jail from the actual root and thus am unsure how to copy the folder into the share directory.

How would I get “${JAIL_ROOT}/var/db/plexdata/Plex Media Server/” to “root/mnt/share/”


well, jails are a dataset on your volume, so… something like



I was able to find the old data through the Mac on the network but I can’t seem to write to the new Jails in the FN11 server. They’re shared with 7x7 privileges but I can’t paste anything there or create folders… Always something. One step forward…


@ahughes03 said:
well, jails are a dataset on your volume, so… something like


Under that folder - db there is no plexdata folder. Is it different for Plex Pass? Is it different if I installed it manually to a jail as opposed to using the plugin? I have all my plexdata backed up but I still can’t seem to import that data into the new install.


@Kersus I believe the Plex Pass edition would be plexdata-plexpass (as the child directory to db)

If you did a manual install, it would be different: /mnt/VOLNAME/jails/PLEXJAILNAME/usr/local/plexdata-plexpass