BD D5500 playback issues



Hi all,

Got a weird problem with the new 1.016 version.

So basically as I said BD D5500 connected via Ethernet.

I have the buffers set to 1,2,5 as auto doesn't allow me to use the control anymore and 1,1,1 is not possible as it buffers lots.

Now I got a problem though that I have never seen. So I start any mkv, it plays happily, even if any button press is delayed by up to 5 min. Now the timer on screen and the position on the movie does not match up and a 42 min mkv finishes around 32 min. What's interesting is that the timer runs faster when the mkv finishes. Button presses at this moment are non existent and it takes around 10 min to get back to the home screen. Any ideas?

Thanks chaos


I guess you are using transcoding? I have a C5500 and show the same issues.

When the device needs to work too hard, it just stops reacting to anything.

The 5500 series are very low-end and can only do direct streaming. Note that decoding an MKV also takes more CPU than just streaming a H264.


No transcoding, it is able to play pretty much any anything that I throw at it, better than my HT D5500.

While it always had the key press delay, it never showed a delayed timer during playback. And it never took so long to get back into the main menu. Sometimes it's quicker to turn it off and then on again, but after every mkv that's a bit tedious :-(. Not sure why it is happening unless memory gets so full and so much CPU is used during direct play that I can't do anything. DLNA seems fine though (although the Samsung client has a super short timeout there and I have to try several times before I get the list on screen :-( )