Best Setting for movie view



Hey all what setting does everybody have for movie view i know taste is different for most. But want a good one ive not really messed around with the set up since having Rasplex and there has been a new update which ive updated both Rasplex and Aeon Nox many thanks


im currently using the new SHIFT view coming in the next version of Aeon Nox B-)

otherwise i generally stay on LIST view, for Movies


For myself – I’ve changed over the years as my library has grown.

Back when I was running Kodi and using the original Aeon Nox for Kodi (was still called XBMC back then), I prefered ShowCase with the infopanel turned on. As my library got larger, ShowCase started to become cumbersome (have two movie sections, one with 3000+ movies and one with 2000+ movies). Now I tend to use InfoWall for movies sections and tv top level, ShowCase for TV season level (although I may switch that to Shift now, with the cool changes made to it in the next upcoming release), and Landscape for TV episode level. For music and photos, I use the plain old List view. For Home Videos and Watch Later I now use FanartList (not currently available for those media types in the current official release, but present in the upcoming release).

Ultimately, it’s a highly subjective thing. Most of us on the Nox team are using different viewtypes for our libraries – although the new revamped Shift view does seem to be popular.


How do i change these please Magnum. And thank you for your replies. Sorry i would like to have a play around with the settings but not sure where to start really lol


you change the view like this, go into movies/tv/home videos/whatever, access the blade, click on the ‘cog’