Black screen on first play attempt on Sony KD-65XE9305 65



After hitting play I get a black screen, the video thinks its playing as time is going forward, and I also see subtitles, but no image or audio is present until I press back and restart the video (or go to quality and change from Original to Auto). According to Tautulli, the audio, video and subs are all being direct played.

This affects files randomly, be it h264, h265 3mbps or 15mbps. TV is connected via 1000Mbit ethernet and server is in the same LAN. Plex hosted on Windows 10. It almost feels like if the server won't start transfering the video quickly enough (HD spinning up) I get the black screen. After the blank screen I can usually change to any episode of the affected series and playback works instantly.

This issue does not persist if I play via files on the PMP, Chromecast or last years Samsung (Tizen) tv.


I have a similiar issue with my Sony, but mine doesn't start to play, it just sits there with the circle spinning. If I go back and hit play again it works.


Bump: this problem still exists. Has anyone found a good workaround or fix to it?


Do you get a spinner in the middle of the screen? I quite often get that and have to (as you say) back out and come back in. I find it more common if I'm resuming a show rather than starting to watch it fresh.


Spinner usually disappears and then the subtitles start rolling, and the seek bar shows the show is progressing (event though there is no audio/video). Second play works. Doesn't matter if I'm resuming or starting a file fresh.

These few weeks on Android TV Plex haven't been great compared to how it was with Tizen. Not saying the latter didn't have it's flaws, but at least it was consistent on wether it worked or not.

I think I'm testing Kodi with Plex plugin tonight, from the looks on this forum it's the only way to get a consistent hassle-free experience on Android TV. I've literally waded through dozens of threads with similar issues with zero dev involment or acknowledgment, and the threads date back to last year.

All the while they are sending me e-mails about buying Plex Pass. Hah.


@rnyberg KODI will cause other issues. plus forget about any 4K BDREMUX via KODI on Sony Android TV.

PS: I can't believe people are still promoting fake KODI suggestions. Do we have moderators around to delete all those KODI posts?


Fake suggestions? Are you implying I don't have a real issue and that I'm a shill or something?

Kodi with the plugin has been working for me and I now use it for HDR10 content so I don't have grey bars, has not caused "other issues".

I prefer the Android TV interface and use it for other content, enduring the play - back - play bug that often occures, but it's still far from a seamless bug free experience.