Broken Playlist



I'm running the current version of PLEX Media Server on Kubuntu 14.04.
The music playlists have been a bit quirky from time to time, but I usually find a workaround for whatever I encounter.
Back a few months ago, two things changed that have me annoyed beyond wanting to pull my hair out:

1.) I suddenly lost the ability move songs up or down in playlist position after I add them from a music library.
For example: I found two new songs I wanted to add to a playlist, so I added them. However, I like my songs sorted alphabetically by author by default, so I go and grab the songs by their handles in the playlist on the PLEX server and drag them where I want them in the playlist. No problem, right? WRONG! THAT ability has gone away for ALL of my playlists! I used to do it all of the time, but now it won't do it. The "handles" are displayed, and it acts like it is "grabbing" and "moving" the song in the list, but when I let go with my mouse, the song goes back to the end of the playlist!

How do I fix this?

2.) When using music playlists on my Roku Ultra, my playlists can no longer display ANY songs under ANY circumstances below song #500 in my playlist. PLEX says there are 607 songs in the list, but refuses to scroll past song #500. It will PLAY song #501, but it DOES NOT display it in the playlist!

Everything works on the left side of the screen, it displays the song information, time remaining, etc., but the playlist does not change on the right side of the screen.

This problem DOES NOT exist on our Android tablets, Galaxy S8, or Linux server (Above listed server).
I've tried deleting and creating new playlists with different names in case they were corrupted lists, but that didn't help.

How do I fix this?

EDIT: I can access the playlist below song #500 if I put the list on "shuffle" and the song appears in the list. If I play that song and then "un-shuffle" the list, I can play the list below song #500. The playlist advances, and all is good until I start over. However, the list will NOT allow me to scroll back up more than 20 songs from whatever the current song is. so if I want to listen to songs below song #500, I have to stay there until I'm ready to play the other 500 songs or repeat the "shuffle" until I get a song below song #500 again if I want to choose one of the songs between song #500 and Song #607.

Once again, this problem ONLY exists on the Roku Ultra, and not any of my Linux or Android devices. I don't use Windows or Apple devices, so I cannot say if the problem exists on those devices or not.


Apparently, I’m on my own with this one. :frowning: