[Browser extension] Web to Plex - adds a button to open Plex in media sites like IMDb and Trakt.tv



This browser extensions adds a Plex button on Movieo, IMDb and Trakt.tv pages, letting you immediately open the movie or TV show on Plex Web if it is available.

It’s available for FireFox and Chrome:
Download on Chrome Webstore
Download on FireFox Add-ons

Note that before using it, you’ll need to configure it in the options (go to your extensions, and click on “Options” next to this extension).

GitHub project - it’s open-source!

I’m curious what you all think of it. I wrote it last week and people seemed to like it. This discussion can be used for any feedback you might have.


Many thanks!


i can’t get it to work, it is just saying “PLEX ERROR” no matter what i do


same thing