[BUG] Android 7.1.1 on Moto Z Play: skipping inside music is impossible




since the Upgrade from Android 7.0 to 7.1.1 on my Moto Z Play, Plex (6.3.4) is unable to change the play position inside a music track. I tried multiple audio books (locally synced content and remote content), but none respond properly to the slider or to +30s or -10s buttons. I also tried older Plex versions, but none solved the problem.

Is this incompatibility of Plex with Android 7.1.1 known / worked on?


ok, seems nobody has this problem, but I do!
Here is a video from the erratic behaviour: youtu.be/QdL-rxGTtTI

Whatever I do, the music starts playing from the beginning.
This is on Plex (660d012c)


I did an adb logcat on this bug.


The issue remains open even with the newly released (25ca8474)


@"MovieFan.Plex" do I need to provide anything else? This bug makes Plex unusable with (long) audiobooks.


As you may know, with new updates there are always new bugs that restrict certain applications from their full function. I am sure (as a loyal PLEX customer) that they are working on this issue and trust me from an IT profession, this does take time. I know for a fact that they are working on this. Please as a loyal customer be patient and from word of mouth as a PLEX pass user, they will figure this out and update as promptly as they can. Plus...6 and a half hour music come on HAHAHAHA :open_mouth: