BUG: Android (phone) client on OnePlus 5 with Camera Backup



When I go into settings to manually press "Start" on Camera Upload (suppose I want to transfer a picture quickly without plugging in my phone to start the backup process) the library selected will change when I next visit the Camera Upload page.

I will then get an error detailing how that library is being used by another device (which it is), where I will need to keep trying until it will let me change the library, then switch Camera Upload back on.

OnePlus 5, Android 8.0.0 (although this has happened before the Oreo update, when using Nougat)**
Plex Media Server is running in a FreeBSD Jail (running under FreeNAS), Plex version

Can we get this fixed? If logs are required, how do I get them?
(incidentally, is there a better place to put this?)


@“tomharris.tech” said:
(incidentally, is there a better place to put this?)

the android section of forum (i moved it for you)

So just so i understand steps to try to reproduce.

  1. your camera upload is set to only auto upload while charging
  2. when have new photos and not charging you hit start ( does it actually complete?)
  3. you close app and when you come back to it later the library camera upload is set to has changed?

I can’t reproduce with those steps. my phone is on 8.1.0 though not sure if that matters.


@BigWheel Yes, exactly.

The Camera Upload does actually complete, it’s only when I come back that the backup location has changed.