[BUG] Audio stop playing after 50 secs.



Hello Plex,
since few months, when I cast a video to Chromecast with the Plex app on my Android device (LG G5SE) audio stop playing after 50 secs.
If I press the 30 secs forward button it resumes playing only to stop again after 1 minute. If I repeat the same procedure the audio starts to work again till the end of the movie without problem.
I search Internet and the Forum to solve this problem but nobody seems to have the same issue.
I run the latest server build and my app is upgraded to the latest version so I don't know how to solve this annoying bug.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

p.s. It happens the same with other apps like "Videostream for Google Chromecast" but not with Youtube or Viki or other Chromecast compatible apps. Maybe it's something related to the transcoding and the audio format?