Bug - Buffering issue after updating to



I'm getting a brutal buffering issue since the update to
Im playing from my home network so no network speed issues and the issue is persistent on my mac and Samsung TV.
Any suggestions on how to resolve the issue?


I have the same issue. I have buffering during any playback. The mac mini is not using hardly any issue or memory, no random spikes during buffering, same for the NAS - Synology 1817. All of this on a 1GB network, cables, not wifi.

How do i check the logs for this buffering issue please?
Thanks in advance


same issue here…


Same issue here on Macbook Pro …


same here in mac pro


Same here, PLEX is running on a FreeNAS Jail, spec:

Build FreeNAS-11.1-U5
Platform Intel® Atom™ CPU C3758 @ 2.20GHz
Memory 32698MB

The Hardware should not be the limitation.

Buffering occours on mp3, flac, SD and HD Video .mkv Files, i would say on every file i tried to play.

Any Ideas, do you need some logs?