[BUG?] Camera Upload renames files on Android



Camera upload renames files on Android.

The media from my phone has filenames that start with IMG_, VID_, or PANO_ by default. Upon upload, the files are renamed "yyyy-MM-dd HH.mm.ss.extension"

It doesn't seem necessary, isn't in any changelogs, isn't a date format I've ever considered using, and doesn't happen on iOS. I also don't remember it doing it when Camera Upload only supported images, but I didn't use it much at the time because of the lack of video support.

I've tested it with:

| Device | OS | Plex Version | Renames? |
| iPad | iOS 9.3.5 | 4.2.1 | no |
| LG G2 | Android 5.0.2 | | yes |
| Nexus 6P | Android 7.0 | | yes |

Any thoughts? If renaming files is some sort of back-end necessity, can we specify a format?


The same issue


Yep, me too.


Issue remains in today's Android update release, 5.0.0.



Seems to be a function of the file modification time.

I recently moved some pictures / videos from device storage to the SD card and noticed the files were uploaded with new file names different than the filenames on the device in the SD card. The new file names were based on the current date and time even though the files on the android SD card had a different date and time.

I might be able to deal with the photos as they generally have metadata with the capture date in them, but the videos do not. The original date they were captured with is lost when camera upload renames the file.


Anyone know if this is still an issue?
I stopped using this feature because of this bug.


Yep, I get it too, is there any workaround?


Me also. Really problematic. Any updates on this?


Having this problem too. I recently purchased plex pass but will not be continuing if it changes the file names of my photos.


Any update on this? I would like the camera upload to have the files with the original file names.


Any update on this? I would like the camera upload to have the files with the original file names.


Any update on this? I would like the camera upload to have the files with the original file names.


Just noticed this old unanswered forum thread

This is how it is designed and now both plex for iOS and plex for android name the uploaded files using date and time based filensnes

It is similar to other upload applications and minimises the chances of a filename clash


@sa2000 any chance that the file rename can be optional?


There is a feature request in the plex pass feature requests forum regarding renaming - you could post there and add your vote by liking the first post and you could suggest to the OP changing the request to hav8ng a preference setting



This actually causes more problems in the wider scheme of things. Android uploading to Google Photos sync’ing on my NAS for years now… doesn’t rename. Plex Android and IOS does - this makes it difficult to copy/replace/override duplicate files when combining Google Photos with Plex and aren’t running through your phone. You should make touching filenames optional on photos and videos. I don’t want mine altered. Sad guys. But thank you for the remarkable software that Plex is and the featureset it brings to the table. Please second this request to make file renaming of photos optional.