Bug: Cover of next title is same like current title with "Poster Style" set to "Glass"



When “Poster Style” is set to “Glass” for music in now playing, the cover of the current title is also shown as cover of the next title, although next title is from a different album. Album name, track name and artist name of next title are shown correctly (here: Star Trek Into Darkness), only the cover is always wrong (here: The Maze Runner).

For all other poster styles the shown cover is OK, it concerns only the glass style. Hope it’s not too difficult to fix this. :wink:


Thanks for letting me know. I made a fix for this tonight which will be in the next Nox update:


Issue is fixed with Poster Style “Glass” (thanks), but occurs now with “CD”. :wink:

By the way: Sometimes the settings-softkey (wheel symbol) is not highlighted anymore when I turn back from the “Now Playing Settings”.


Thanks. I’ll look into those two things. Recently got a job in another city, and in the process of relocating, so might take me a while before I can look at it.