[Bug] Custom Filter for photo autotag not working



I have a few waterfall images that Plex’s autotagging feature thinks are pictures of broccoli (that issue has been reported separately).

I’m trying to find all the images that have been mistagged in this way.


  1. View Photography library.
  2. Open Custom Filters.
  3. Select Autotag is broccoli

When I apply this, the result is “The active filter has no matches.” This result, as you can see, is clearly wrong.

I tried the same process using other autotags that are known to exist in my library. This result is consistent. Nothing is ever found.

I tried ‘is not’ as well, and this, too, seems to fail. I tried ‘Autotag is not broccoli’ which resulted in all photos, incorrectly included the ‘broccoli’-tagged images.


Im also having zero search results for autotags filters, when the autotags are clearly there in the xml code of the image.

can we hear from anyone that has autotags working, because i reckon they are not!


@elan @kinoCharlino @keithah
Is anyone paying attention?

Result of clicking on “broccoli” autotag while viewing one image:

Result of custom search:


@beckfield, engineering is investigating this issue.