Bug: Delete on 4th generation Apple TV selects wrong item.



Since I've started trying the DVR functionality I enabled "delete" capability on my Plex server. On my 4th generation Apple TV when I select a TV episode, press and hold the touch surface and get the menu which includes delete, the episode title above the menu is not the episode title of the episode I selected. Typically it's the "previous" episode, i.e. the one to the left in the grid. This is in the "Recently Added" grid.

The one time this worked correctly was when I watched an episode and then deleted it immediately. In that case, for some reason, the correct episode title appeared above the menu.


I have exactly the same problem...


+1. Workaround is reopen the menu - second time the correct video is selcted


Same problem here. ursus' workaround helps. I hope a real fix comes soon.


Bump..please fix